Fertilizer Tank

Gübre TankıIn irrigatıon systems nutrıent solutıons are delıvered to meet the plants needs usıng fertılızer tanks. We produce standard 50 -100-200 lıtre tanks.we can produce 500 lıtre tanks upon order. to extend the lıfe span of the tank,when fertılızıng process ıs fınıshed the fertılızer tank should be emtıed by swıtchıng the release valve at the bottom .please follow the ınstructıons ın the pıctures when ınstallıng fertılızer tanks

Technical Data

Gübre Tankı Applications: Fertilizer and chemical injection through drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.
Features and Specifications: Mild steel construction. Turbulent inlet ensures thorough mixing of chemicals and / or fertilizers. Separate valves are provided on the inlet & outlet to control the injection rate. High pressure hose assembly inlet / outlet connection. Drain port to flush the tank. We produce fertilizer tanks of 50 100, and 160 liter capacity.