Drip Irrigation Equipments

One of the leading Drip Irrigation System Manufacturers based in Turkey, Mulumulu offers superior quality drip irrigation system, owing to the dependency on water for the purpose of irrigation. With traditional flood irrigation farmers are able to irrigate only a part of their valuable cultivated land, therefore at this juncture our product comes to wide usage. We provide the best and controlled irrigation to the cultivated land of the farmers through the most economical way of water management.

Our company offers drip irrigation equipments manufactured after a deep study of various components and the interconnectivity among water, soil, land terrain, climatic conditions, crop and other factors. Our range of drip irrigation system can be trusted for its customization, long life and the efficiency it carries. This not only ensures the saving of water but also ensure early maturity, bountiful harvest, today & always. Apart from that, our drip irrigation equipments are specifically designed as per crop requirements and saves them from any kind of stress. Further, our drip irrigation systems are very economic in all respect of labour for irrigation, weeding & cost of fertilizer application. Besides, we offer a wide range of products that are ISO 9000 system quality certified.

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