About Us

HakkımızdaOur company was founded as a family corporation in 1994. The fact that our founders had been actively working in the agricultural production sector enabled them to see the needs and incompetent methods applied in the sector. The company grew bigger quickly in themarket with its innovative ideas and products, which brought concrete solutions for the problems.

This growth has provided us the confidence we need to carry our goals to further degrees. Today the brand “Mulumulu” represents “Quality, Reliability and Good Service” with its wide product range most of which are patented. The top quality raw material we use and exact workmanship in production process has earned us the trust in our products.We manufacture over 85% of the products we market today.

We have the widest product range in the sector with over 280 different items. Mulumulu aims to create rules of the competition instead of competing against other firms. In accordance with this purpose. We always cooperate with growers and inform them about drip irrigation systems and theirbenefits. We will continue to serve Turkish growers and agriculture with our innovative and modernized products in future. We are also happy to announce that, we have added a new patented product in our product family in 2010. Mulumulu will keep representing the strength of Turkish agricultural sector on international level by working with distributors from all over the world.