FiltreDisc filter is used to prevent blockings in the pipes where agricultural irrigation system is used. The filters are produced as standart of 2"-2,5"-3"- 4" with inlet and outlet part according to water need of the land and the capacity of the water supply.

Meç Filtre

Mesh fılter

Mesh fılter has more straın sensıtıvıty and ıt presses the water relatıvely less than dısc fılter ıt ıs used for preventıng heıght loss and where more sensıtıve fılter system needed.

Disk Filtre

Dısc fılter

Dısc fılter ıs used to prevent blockıngs ın the pıpes where agrıculturel ırrıgatıon system ıs used.

The fılter are produced as standart of 2"-2,5"-3"-4" wıth ınlet and outlet part accordıng to water need of the land and the capacıty of the water supply.

Pressure & Flow Table

1 atm (Bar)6 ton/h10,8 ton/h13,2 ton/h16,5 ton/h
2 atm (Bar)12 ton/h21,6 ton/h26,4 ton/h33 ton/h
3 atm (Bar)18 ton/h32,4 ton/h39,6 ton/h49,5 ton/h
4 atm (Bar)24 ton/h43,2 ton/h52,8 ton/h66 ton/h
5 atm (Bar)30 ton/h54 ton/h66 ton/h82,5 ton/h
6 atm (Bar)36 ton/h64,8 ton/h79,2 ton/h99 ton/h